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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 22, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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thanks again for watching us. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> welcome to a special edition of hannity. with the iowa cockkies only a fewñi weeks ago the line-up it changing everything week or so. we will be speaking with republican voters in three of the most critical swing states, iowa, michigan and nevada to find out just who might have what it takes to be the next president of the united states. so let's get right to it. head out to iowa where frank spoke with members of a very critical voting block, republican moms. frank, take it away. >> there's no voters more important to the republican nomination than iowa caucus
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voters and no voters more important than iowa caucus moms. you are all iowa caucus moms. what do you want in the nominee for president? >> i want somebody whose record is proven who they are, and what they stand for, that they have not change the today, that their words match what they have always stood for. >> what are you looking for? >> i want an honest person who can beat obama and i want us to come together and find the one that will beat him. >> i want someone who will get things done, not just talk about it. >> i want someone who is a conservative, not a moderate. >> i want someone who doesn't have someone to owe a favor to or special interests. no more politics as usual. >> i want somebody who will actually do what they say they are going to do and follow-through. >> i want someone who would allow me to be free in my home how far i see fit. >> if you had to choose would you choose the can indicate that you identify the values or do
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you choose to defeat barack obama? who chooses to beat barack obama? who chooses values? i love that none of you like -- how many will you consider voting for barack obama? okay. we got that out of the way. how important is elect ability in this campaign? >> very important. >> why is it so important? >> it's important because we need someone to to have a chang. i think the electability is more important than values because i think so many of our candidates have good values and i don't think we can go long with one. our candidates on that stand. but the electability is the thing that could make the difference. >> i think we have to have somebody who will be able to defeat him and they all stand for the values we stand for and we just need to have the person as our candidate who will be able to defeat him.
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>> electability or values, which is the higher priority? >> elevellability. >> why? >> because if we have more of the same our values aren't going to matter. >> which is more important, a caidate with brains or a candidate with values? >> both. >> values. >> how many of you say values? i'm shocked. >> because of the sanctitity of life issue, because of families, because issues we face, kids coming to school with identity crisis. >> why is more important than brains. >> i think intelligent people will make good decisions and if you aren't direction by values you will make stupid visions. >> if you have good values you make good decisions. >> you can be smart and have very poor values, and we have that now. >> by a show of hand how many of you are satisfied with the republican field? raise your hands if you are satisfied with it. okay. so you realize that there's a
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point when you all personality. what is it that you have learned the last few weeks that makes you satisfied? what pleases you about what is going on some somebody. in the back. >> i have just learned deeply, i have listened to each candidate in cedar rapids when they have come and learned that they have strength where i did not realize, such as things on the federal reserve, with the epa, learning all the things where they stand. >> how many of you met a presidential candidate? raise your hands. >> every one of them. >> how many of you have met all of the presidential candidates? >> not mit romney. >> not mit romney. it's a legitimate question. let's and that question. does it bother you that mit romney hasn't been here? oh, yeah. >> what's the issue? >> i wonder why can't he have a conversation about it? is he scared to reveal his real
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world view or what he thinks? >> what's the issue? what's the problem? romney has been running over 2008. why is that an issue? go ahead. >> romney almost seems like he's taking his ball and going home as far as i was concerned because he didn't do as well against mike huckabee pee last time. i think he felt money here, he shouldn't have had to and he is going to spend his time in new hampshire and florida and so on. he's making a huge mistake. we have privilege here in iowa to meet and know each of the candidates. >> i think is goes back to his experience in '08. >> i think he can't survive the conservative vetting process here in iowa because we know too much. we have too much access. >> what do you think? >> i'm not sure. eye -- i'm not sure why he wasn't here. >> does it bother you? >> it doesn't bother me. i will pick a candidate that was
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here. [laughter] >>ñi wow. tough! >> it bothers me he wasn't here. everybody shows themselves, a part of their heart. >> it bothers me he wasn't here because i will pick one that looks me straight in the eye and talk to me face-to-face and answer my questions. >> you guys agree with that? >> yeah. >> by him not being here it rim feels disrespectful that he doesn't value what we think. >> i have already made my decision because he was not here. >> it reminds me of huckabee and how he outspent huckabee ten to one. is that a file lure in iowa, that we aren't worth it, that we already made our decision in. >> by show of hands how many of you have basically decided who you are going to vote for in the caucus? raise your hands. and who is still up for grabs? okay, we have about four or five people who can't make up their minds. you are playing right into the stereotype, i'm sorry.
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when we come back, you are going to find out who most of these people have made up their minds for, their decisions and why are fascinating. >> thanks, frank. we will have more from iowa in a moment and then we head out to michigan and nevada where frank will be joined by a very special guest as hannity continues. woman: my father came to america selling fishcakes from the back of his truck, and in 1942, of course, they were sent away. after the war, as a japanese coming back from camp, he started a little store on main street in seattle. of course they needed some money, and bank of america was the only bank who would talk to my father. and we've stayed with bank of america.
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is. >> welcome back to the special swing state edition of hannity. we go to iowa tonight with a special focus group of republican moms. >> okay, we know what the issues are, now let's find out who the candidates are. i want you to describe newt gingrich. >> presidential. >> experienced. >> willing to get the job done. >> intelligent. >> brilliant. >> mellow strength. >> genuine. >> very informed. >> faithful and committed. >> historian. >> is he the smartest of the candidates? >> yes. >> is that what we need in a president? >> it helps. >> i want to do the second one now. let's do a word or phrase to describe herman cain. >> one of us, like all of us, one of the people. >> faithful. >> grass roots. >> authentic. >> businessman. >> authentic. >> hardworking.
9:12 pm
>> sincere. >> confident. >> if you could have dinner with only one of the candidates and hang out with them for the evening, who would choose herman cain as that candidate? raise your hands. only a couple of you. so why is herman cain doing so well? >> he's likable. he's a likable guy. you want to take him home and have den we're him. >> that was our problem four years ago. >> one at a time. one at a time. go ahead. >> i would choose herman cain to run my organization or business so why wouldn't i have him run the country? he understands bottom line. >> because the country is totally different. you've got to deal with the world, not with just business people. you've got to deal with national security, you've got to deal with iran. he has to be commander in chief, and that just isn't going to cut it. >> he is american, he's lived the american dream and he's inspirational and a leader has to inspire us. >> is herman cain the best
9:13 pm
demonstration of the american dream of these candidates? >> yes. >> yes or no. >> yes, absolutely. >> i think we are tired of having a career politician. we've seen where that's gotten us. >> a couple more. >> i have seen him and he is so down-to-earth. when he went to a chile enter he said where is it and i said it's there but it's going to cost you $10.00, herman, and he paid the $10.00. >> you owe him $10.00. actually based on my knowledge of election law, you just got him in deep, deep trouble. we will have to edit that segment out. there's been some criticism that the candidates attack each other too much, that they aren't sufficiently focused on barack obama. the candidate that did really well back in august in our sessions is michele bachman. let's do the back route.
9:14 pm
give me a word or phrase to describe michele bachman. >> sincere. >> honest. >> family-oriented. >> passionate. >> genuine. >> awesome. >> passionate. >> down-to-earth. >> she says what she means and she means what she says. >> which is a very powerful attribute, but why has she dropped so much in iowa? back then she was leading in the state and now she's in fourth or fifth place. what happened? >> i caucused for her and i changed i just don't think -- i see an independence and other republicans falling away and you have to have the independent vote, especially in iowa. >> who did you move to? >> i moved to rick santorum. there is one important thing. when they lay their hand on that bible and say so help me god, that's who i want saying it. >> i get an e-mail every day from michele bachman or a phone call or something, and -- >> does she have a lot of free
9:15 pm
time? >> well her campaign, that's what i'm saying. but it just seems desperate. and that atmosphere changed for her campaign is i think hurt. >> who did you switch to? >> i'm right now between cain-gingrich. both of them. >> one thing i have not heard anybody say is about supporting and defending the constitution. and that's the bottom line and she will do that, michele bachman will do that. >> so you are still with her? >> yes. >> who at one point was with michele bachman and now isn't? raise your hands. i want to understand why. just one more. if you could explain why you were with her before but not now. >> i just don't -- i don't know that she's really electable. i like her, i like her as a person, and i like her values and beliefs. >> do you believe that addresses the issues? were you of a bachman person some. >> not very strong. not someone i would vote for. i like her. she would probably be my third d
9:16 pm
or fourth choice. >> so how many do you think newt will be the nominee? raise your hands. do you realize how hated he was six months ago? six months ago when newt was as 5%, six months ago how many of you were with him then? who is with him now? all right. why the switch. >> i saw genuine necessary in him, his faith, what he said about education and the constitution. i think he's tough enough to do it. >> who else switched? who else switched and why the switch? right there. >> oh, i switched because i like his debating style, i like the way that he was honest and he didn't try to tear everyone else down, and i think he would be formidable in a debate against obama. >> why the switch?
9:17 pm
>> i think he's extremely intelligent on foreign policy and all areas and good values and i think he would kill the obama in a debate. >> make sure you end the kill obama in a debate. i don't want the secret service think this is a problem. >> the confidence that exudes from him, even when his campaign was having trouble, and it's almost as christians if you have peace about something that seems unattainable, he has that quiet confidence like he knows it's okay, it's taken care of. >> iowa is a caucus state which means you have to stateñi publiy who you support. i would love to see the 30 of you come and try to agree on one candidate. do you want to try to influence each other? who wants to take a shot at it. pick your candidate and tell everyone to support them. do it. >> i would say newt gingrich because first and foremost all of the candidates have the great
9:18 pm
values that we all adhere to, but newt gingrich is very intelligent. he can beat barack obama. we need a tough president, and he's going to do it. he can do it. >> did she win you over? >> no. >> no? okay. then someone else pick a different candidate. >> rick santorum. >> why? >> he's pro-life, pro family and he has a proven record, years back, and he means it. he would be afraid of god when he laid his hand on that bible and said so help me god. >> did she convince you? >> no. >> the next candidate. michele bachman. go. >> the thing about michele bachman, the only reason she's doing what she is doing because she got into the fight to fix things. she's not a politician by desire, but by being pushed into it just by the things that are
9:19 pm
going on in america. it started with education and with her children and every step of the way, everyone she's done her record bears out all of her words today. >> did she win you over? >> no. >> somebody else, go. >> herman cain because he can stand up there on the stage with obama and say things other people can't say. he can say i have lived the american dream. obama is dividing our nation, promoting class warfare and that will destroy the foundation of our country and the melting pot. everything he stands for, cain has been refute. >> did she win you over? >> yes. >> how many people say she won you over some okay. as a way to close this segment, i want you to shout out on the count of three the person that you want to be the republican nominee for president." are you ready some one, two, three! [inaudible yelling] >> let's try it one more time. i want to get one voice here, one candidate.
9:20 pm
one, two, three. [inaudible yelling] [laughter] >> well, we are six weeks away from iowa. we still don't have a consensus, but you know what we've got? some really engaged people who care a lot about their country and really deeply care about the next election. do we agree on that? >> yes. >> back to you. >> and thanks, frank. coming up next, the one issue that republicans can't seem to agree on, we will tell you what that is next. stick around. cuttin' back on g here's how: the ford f-150. it gets 23 highway miles per gallon. that's the best. so you can get the job done and get a break at the pump. yeah, can you hear me now? this is the future. this is the ford f-150.
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>> welcome back to the special swing state edition of "hannity." frank is in iowa tonight with a special focus group of republican moms. >> you've heard about soccer moms. i've got a group of iowa moms and something rare in politics, i've got a washington d.c. mom who comes from tennessee and is a leading member of the house of representatives. marsha black burn, come on in here. [applause]. >> it's a special opportunity to connect with an elected official, particularly with somebody not from the state. as a mom what would you want to tell washington d.c. that washington isn't listening to?
9:25 pm
anybody? go ahead. >> let husband raise our children, let us teach our children what we want and get out of our lives. >> do you guys agree with that? >> yes. >> healthcare. healthcare is very complicated and it does not involve the government. i do not want this healthcare and i'm from tennessee. >> stay out of our schools and let god -- god it there anyway, you can't really take him out, but stay out of that. >> what would you tell them? >> on the topic of healthcare, i really agree that we need to take a business approach more to it and not a government investigated approach because you lose who humans are who are at the core of the healthcare. and i think that's a huge issue that congress and politics need to stay away from. and also tort reform, in that area so that we can lower the cost for healthcare. >> representative blackburn, does washington understand the concerns of moms in america?
9:26 pm
>> i think that there are many of us in washington that understand the concerns of moms. but one of the things i have found, being in the u.s. house, is washington d.c. seems to be a little bit disjointed from the rest of the country. they live in their own bubble. and i go back home every single weekend and meet with my constituents and talk to them about what is going on. you learn a lot when you are purchase be pushing the buggy down in the grocery store and when you are going to your grandchildren's events and when you are at church on sunday. i think that's where i get the best information. >> so what's the issue that is on the finds of iowa moms as you decide whom you are going to vote? someone in the second row. a few i haven't heard from. what's the most important issue to you? >> that's hard. i just feel like there's a lot of outside influences that are trying to creep into our family and destroy it, whether it's through the tv, through our
9:27 pm
education system. the education system chooses to protect and not protect is sometimes leaves you wondering. >> as you think about the election, what stands out the most to you? >> i think the debt situation for kids today is scary of what these kids will be faced with when they are at our age. i can understand that anxiety and i think what you have faith in is when people doubt the greatness of this country, look at where we have been and look at what we are built on, and knowing that we can do it again. but it means that we are going to have leaders -- we have to have leaders that understand performance-based leadership, that are going to agree to get the job done. i have heard you talk about getting solutions, having people that are transparent and accountable and are real and are focused on solving the problems, and i think that what you are saying is exactly what washington needs to hear. speak up loud and clear.
9:28 pm
>> go ahead. >> i want you to abolish the department of education and take that money and secure our borders because the constitution says that you are to protect us, which means you have to protect us from people coming across our borders. and why you guys don't understand that is totally beyond me. so protect our borders. that is what you need to do and get out of our lives. >> and it was just reported that we are over $15 trillion in debt now as a nation. i have heard that planned parenthood receives over $500 million a year in federal money. that to me is a no-brainer. why would we even support an organization that is the largest abortion provider in the country? >> and that's why some of us continue every single day to try to freeze what the federal government is spending and then start cutting it so that we can get this under control. we are borrowing 42 cents of every dollar we spend. every man, woman and child owns
9:29 pm
$47,900 of the federal debt. that's immoral and we have to get it under control. >> do you guys agree with it? >> yes. >> let me ask you this. a thousand moms across the country, are you better off than your parents were when they were your age? almost all of them said yes. but when we asked them will your children be better off, and let's get a show from you, how many truly believe your children will be better offer than you when they get to be your age? >> not one. not one of the 30 moms. solve it, please. >> and, you know, i think what we have to do is have moms like you come and help us do this. it is always the moms who are going to say we want our kids to dream big dreams and have great adventures. every one of you said you are ready for the fight. we need you. so come help us with the fight. >> i won't give you a $16 muffin, though. >> there would be no more five
9:30 pm
dollars coffee, it would be gone. >> will you fight with her? >> yes. >> yes or no? >> yes. >> fight with us, help us with this, and i will make you a pan of biscuits and give you a great cup of coffee. >> i'll make you brownies. >> you got a deal. >> and we may be closer to finding out who people want elected next year but what do they think of their elected leaders right now? apparently not too much. in a focus group they break all of it down in michigan as the swing state focus group special continues here on hannity. ♪
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>> welcome back to the special swing state edition of "hannity." before we get back to who will be he other selected next year, there's an issue about how americans feel about their elected leaders right now with approval rateth in single digits. it's not a pretty picture and frank discusses the topic with a group of gop voters in the swing state of michigan. frank. >> there's a lot of anger all
9:35 pm
across america and some of that anger is right here in michigan. we are talking to republican primary voters to understand what is on their minds. now most of the time we talk about the presidential race. but i've got a question for them. who makes you angrier, wall street or washington? >> washington. >> but the republicans control the house of representatives. there's a republican speaker. >> one out of three. there's still a majority of democrats this control. >> there are 15 votes that they have created and they are doing their job. working. >> are you satisfied what the house is doing? >> currently, yes, but they weren't in control back in '06 when a lot of these things were beginning to take place and starting out, especially with the economy. >> so what count from them? >> well, i don't like how washington is operating by regulations and executive order and by passing congress all
9:36 pm
together. >> are the republicans standing up to obama the way you want them to? >> at this point i'm happy with gridlock. keep things from get to go him. i don't care what it is. i don't want him signing anything. >> go ahead. >> i think the difference from 2006 and today is just monumental, and i think it's the contributions of the tea party because we have a whole different set of republicans, a whole different outlook in the house than we did. >> how many of you consider yourselves supporters of the tea party? raise your hands. but you guys have been so demonized. first of all, you are the youngest tea party member by about 30 years. what is it about them that you like? >> i want smaller government and that's what the party is all about. >> what is it about the tea party that you like? >> the tea party is focused clearly on what the founders intended, smaller government, more input from us, stay out of lure -- our lives, and stop
9:37 pm
trying to play god, small g. >> why is it that tea party support seems to be wanes? you don't agree with that? why don't agree with that. >> they just aren't calling themselves tea party maybe. but the tea party and the republicans are blended now and i think the support is still there. >> are the republicans in washington standing up for your principles, are they fighting the way you want them to fight? >> i don't think they are fighting enough. >> you want them to fight more? >> i want them to fight more. i want them to articulate what they want to do for us rather than just saying i don't like what obama is doing and i don't like what obama is doing. i want them to say this is what we will do, this is how we will fix it. >> i'm looking to the conservatives in washing to stand up and fight. that's who i am look for. >> who is your hero in washington? >> darryl issa.
9:38 pm
>> why him? >> because he is bringing out some of the bad things holder is doing and holding their feet to the fire. also stearns is doing well from florida. >> paul ryan. >> you guys like paul ryan? [applause] >> what is it about paul ryan that you guys like? >> that's the most important thing, he actually has a plan, he's laid it out for people. if they like it, fine. if they don't, they don't. but at least he has a plan. >> paul ryan. >> also, he understands the whole system. he can explain what's going on with the budget and taxing and all those pieces of it and i don't think half of the rest of the house understand it. >> he seems more about getting things done than being re-elected. >> okay, we've got issa and ryan, and one more. >> rubio. >> that's your guy? because he's one of the youngest senators. >> i like marco rubio because he
9:39 pm
can give speeches and say why lower tacks and lower government is right for the rest of america. >> i totally agree with what you said. our government should protect our borders and deliver mail. get out of business. i'm affiliated with amway global, ask we work hard to provide for our kids and i'm sick of the government reaching in our pockets and taking the money from us. >> you guys agree? >> yes. >> one of the thing about the younger generation, they aren't tied to the way it's always been. they have new ideas. they aren't there just to stay there forever and that's what i like. >> you can have the last word. >> i think that's largely the influence of the tea party movement. i think that's why a lot of the new congressman and women are being effective because they are a new breed. >> and how many of you are mad at washington raise your hands, so how many of you aren't going to take it anymore, raise your
9:40 pm
hands. and you have people, those three. >> add ran paul. >> add ran paul to that because if i don't, i will get e-mailed to death. >> thanks, frank. one issue the republicans can't seem to agree on, coming up next. stick around. [ sniffs ] i have a cold. [ sniffs ] i took dayquil but my nose is still runny. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't treat that. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your runny nose. [ deep breath] awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is. that's the cold truth!
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>> welcome back. frank lund is breaking down the focus groups. there is one issue that republicans can't seem to agree on. now frank is in michigan to find out why. frank. >> the republicans agree that barack obama has to go. and they also agree that they want to win control of the senate to go along with their control of the house. but there is one issue, one controversial issue that divides them and that's the issue of immigration.
9:45 pm
tell me, tell the american people, how many of you would deport every illegal immigrant that you could find? raise your hands. how can you afford that? how can you afford it? we already have a budget deficit. >> i understand that, but they are taking money out of our pockets. you say they are not -- they are not here through any fault of their own, but you know it's not my fault either. and i am paying their bills. >> alabama has just pass add law that all of a sudden immigrants are leaving on their own accord. >> and they are here illegally, they are breaking the law. administrative law or not, it's still breaking the law. >> it's a disservice to people that come to this country legally that go through the system, that work hard to be here and do it the right way. people that just come here without going through that same process, it isn't fair, it isn't fair to those that did it the
9:46 pm
right way. >> john? >> we have got the laws in place presently. they are not being enforced. the problem is you've got to get the laws and get people to obey them. >> and who is responsible for enforcement? >> the president. >> you hold obama responsible? >> the federal government and it starts with the president. >> i think if an immigrant service in the military and risks his life for our country that we ought to let him be a citizen. >> do you agree with that? >> yes. >> all right. so we have one area of consensus. if you serve your country in the military, you ought to be able to earn citizenship. is there something else we can agree on? >> if you have the right policies, then you can key k ate an environment where the illegals don't want to be here and they will leave on their own. that's happening in some of the states that are doing it. >> what causes them to want to leave? >> there's no jobs anymore, no money. >> but it's not going to work until the border is closed
9:47 pm
because it doesn't matter if you send them out, they are going to come back. you have to close the boarders, and you have to keep track of the people that come here legally and stay. >> michael, when rick perry articulated that we had to be compassion national, and that we had no heart if we didn't understand the situation that some of them are in, republicans across the country cringed. did you cringe or did you agree with him? >> no, i cringed. i don't agree with that. since when is doing things in an illegal manner not compassion national? the one thing that drives me crazy, and i don't think the republicans actually deal with it in an aggressive enough manner is the difference between legal and illegal immigration. we seem to lump it all into immigration. they say my parent was an immigrant. yeah, they were a legal immigrant, not illegal, and to me that's the huge issue. >> we are a nation of immigrants
9:48 pm
and i have family who came from europe and they came through ellis island. why should we make exceptions for people who break the law initially and let them keep being here illegally. >> i want you to see the one clip because it was very dramatic. republicans turned against rick perry when he talked about his position on immigration. let's take a look. >> there is nobody on this stage who has spent more time working onboarder security than i have. but if you say that we should not educate children who have come into our state for no other reason than they have been brought there by no-fault of their own, i don't think you have a heart. >> here's the question. we know that you don't agree with that. what about legal immigration? should we open the boarders? >> no, we should not open the boarders. >> for legal immigration. >> well, we have a great policy for legal immigration. >> but there are people trying to get in from korea and taiwan
9:49 pm
and they can't because there are limits. >> we are a sovereign nation. liberals are always complaining that other countries are sovereign nations but they forget about us. they are a very special country. lawlessness leads to less freedom. >> i'm speaking of people coming here legally. >> i think that's what makes our nation so great, we are culturally diverse, and thank goodness my parents were able to come here or i wouldn't be sitting here. >> where from. >> italy. >> they are lucky you aren't in italy right now. >> my grandparents were both in the russian revolution and left because it wasn't what they thought it would be. >> what happened to you? >> i'm a recovering liberal. >> keep recovering. >> i just read a law about how canada passed a law you have to have a net worth of $800,000 in order to become a citizen of
9:50 pm
candidate. >> what? >> yeah. >> i need to get out, my question is are you hearing from any presidential candidate an immigration policy that you support or are you still waiting for answers? >> still waiting. >> still waiting? there will be plenty of debates between now and the caucuses and the primary. there's a lesson for every presidential candidate watching. they are still waiting for an answer on immigration and they want to hear your answer now. >> thanks, frank. we head out to the swing state of nevada. prank is joined outspoken businessman steve winn. that and much more ahead on hannity. [ coughs ] what is thishorty? uh, tissues si i'm sick.
9:51 pm
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>> welcome back to special edition of "hannityty." nevada is a special swing state that can make-or-break elections. frank went there to find out what republican nevada voters think about the primaries and much more. and he even managed to get casino mogul, steve winn in on the conversation. >> for most of the election cycle mit romney has been in first place, one point close to herman cain, another time close to rick perry. give me a word or phrase to describe microhm. >> consistent. >> capable. >> polished. >> i was going to say polished.
9:55 pm
>> presidential. >> i don't like him. >> consistent. >> leader. >> rehearsed. >> slick. >> too slick. >> glossy. >> what advise would you all give to mit romney over the coming weeks? >> i would advise mr. romney to keep doing the same thing, acting presidential, and i wouldn't change anything. >> what would you advise romney? >> i think he's too slick. when he says he would not hire an illegal person knowingly but then he also said, well, because i'm running for office. >> so you guys have a problem with that answer? >> yeah. >> what would you tell romney? >> my problem with romney is i think he's just too clever. he looks -- he has changed his positions on many things and he is a moderate and he comes from a tradition of moderation. i just don't trust what he says. >> one more, what would you tell romney? >> i think he really needs to
9:56 pm
speak as a person to us and not so polished and just above a level that doesn't connect with the people. >> i want to make this clear to the people watching at home. if it came down to mit romney and rick perry, and those were your only two choices, how many in this room would vote for rick perry? raise your hands. and how many would vote for mit romney, raise your hands? i hope they are watching. the people in washington talk a lot about business and what business needs. i'm standing next to one of the most successful business people of the last 50 years, steve, i thank you for joining us in this conversation. >> that was generous, frank. thank you. >> i could have said a century. [laughter] >> you have an expertise that most people don't have. what would you ask steve either about business or, if you allow us, politics, that might enlighten you and enlighten the
9:57 pm
audience? >> i'm curious, given your business experience, do you consider him a politics or businessman. >> i have little expertise on politics. i think the governor, i thought about that, i think pretty much athis point we can say based upon the governor's performance, he's both. i think he's been successful as a governor and as a businessman, and i think that is sort of coming through in these debates where he is surely holding his own, along with mit romney and the other fine candidates like mrs. bachman and mit and newt gingrich, of course, i'm impressed. i think he's both. >> what do you guys think of herman cain, positive or negative? >> positive. >> is herman cain qualified to be president? >> yes. >> by a show of hands, how many of you would say he's qualified? he's never held elective office.
9:58 pm
someone from the business community and you look at herman cain, any reactions? >> well, when people on the other side of this question, the democratic sort of point of you say that herman cain is completely inexperienced, i find that to be one of the funniest comments. how about the guy in the white house? herman cain at least ran something. whatever happened to the idea that you needed to run one itscy bitscy teeny thing before you decided to run the united states of america? >> do you agree with that? >> yes. >> so with respect to everybody else, i think that henry kissinger made a statement to someone that i know. actually i don't mind saying it. he made the statement to christie that i've been around presidents for a long time, many
9:59 pm
of them. there are two things that make a great president, intelligence and character. if you are worried about foreign policy experience or any other technical thing, you will be well-advised, you will be surrounded by experts and briefings because the world changes so rapidly anyway that the people you need to talk to are people who have spent their life studying cuba, mexico, latin america, asia. hopefully you will have enough brains to listen to people that know what they are talking about, but you will get briefed, you will get expert advice on specifics. but you better bring to the white house character and intelligence. that makes you a good president. >> don't be mad at me. if this guy were a candidate for president, how many here would you support him? look at this. it's almost unanimous. >> that's because they don't know me. [laughter] >> he always has the last word. back to you. thank you, steve. [applause]


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